Velona Custom & Specialty Needles are focused in the area of engineered, minimally invasive, needle-based devices used in diagnostic and therapeutic interventions for internal medicine.

Cambus Medical provides the needle components for many finished devices in the area of internal medicine. Working with our colleagues in the wider Freudenberg Medical MIS group, we can assist with full contract manufacturing projects.

The Velona team will provide design and product development support, manufacturing services and assembly for needle devices. These may include some of the following features;

  • Lancet, Menghini, Whitacre, Closed Point, Backcut Bevel, Trocar, Franceen & Crown Core Cut etc.
  • Custom features for structural heart and delivery applications.
  • Integration into a finished Medical Device.
Colour needle computerCropped


  • Lancet
  • Menghini
  • Whitacre
  • Cournand
  • Backcut Bevel
  • Bias Grind
  • Diamond Point
  • Pencil Point
  • Razor Edge
  • Pro Point
  • Trocar
  • Custom Designs

Needle Points

  • Single Bevel
  • Multi-Bevel
  • Multi Facet

Echogenic Enhancement

Echogenic Enhancement technologies available to enhance the visibility of needles used under ultrasound guidance.

Shaft Marking

Needle shaft markers assist the physician in navigation and placement of the device. We offer a range of marker solutions for needle shafts from laser and mechanical processing to surface roughening.


30G to 10Ga – 0.010” (0.254mm) to 0.0102” (0.259mm)




Up to 70” (1800mm)

Wall thickness

Regular, Thin and Ultra-Thin Wall


  • Medical Grade Stainless Steel
  • Advanced Alloys and Exotic Metals

Test Capabilities:

  • Leak Testing
  • Tensile Testing
  • Puncture Force Testing

Hub Technologies

Cambus Medical have a range of capabilities to design, manufacture, assemble and test proximal needle hub components. Our hub offerings are compliant with ISO594-1 & ISO594-2.

Hub Offerings:

  • Injection Moulded Components
  • Welded / Soldered Micro Machined Metal Components

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