The Cambus Coat™ applicator system was created by Cambus Medical Engineers to provide substantial competitive advantages over traditional coating methods such as dipping and spraying. Cambus Coat™ components exhibit high adhesion and resistance to flaking.

The Cambus Coat™ system delivers its superior performance and efficiency advantages to all coatings applied by Cambus Medical and uses 70% less labour than traditional coating methods. These savings in labour costs, coupled with efficient use of energy in the curing process, ensures that Cambus Medical remains very cost competitive in comparison to other coating methods.

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Benefits of Cambus Coat™

  • Superior adhesion and resistance to flaking
  • PFOA Free
  • Highly automated and efficient process eliminating waste associated with traditional coating systems
  • Cost competitive against other coating methods
  • Environmentally friendly

Base Materials

  • Stainless Steel
  • Nitinol (limitations apply)
  • Other alloys on request

Tube/Wire Diameter Range

  • OD: 0.010" - 0.255" or 0.245mm - 6.50mm

Coating Thickness

  • Average coating thickness of 0.0002" (0.005mm) per side is consistently achieved
  • Typical range: 0.0002" - 0.0009" (0.005mm to 0.023mm)

Coating Colours

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Green (on request)


  • Guidewires
  • Marker Bands
  • Coated Hypotube shafts for
      • Cardiovascular devices
      • Neurovascular devices
      • Endovascular devices
      • Peripheral vascular devices

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