Cambus Medical is a medical technology company focused on developing, designing and manufacturing both sophisticated and niche critical components for minimally invasive medical devices used in diagnostic and therapeutic interventions.

We were established in 2006 and since then, have grown steadily with regular expansions to our manufacturing facilities. The Cambus Medical team have extensive experience in providing precision solutions to the medical device industry. 

From prototyping your next program, through to full scale volume production, all processes are carried out in our highly integrated, state of the art facility.

In working with Cambus Medical, you will receive excellent customer service along with access to innovative solutions, experienced staff and top quality advice which is tailor made to your specific requirements. This is why some of the top medical device companies are counted among our many valued customers.


“Having spent years working on advanced catheter projects, with some of the biggest names in the industry, I can unreservedly state that Cambus Medical is the best catheter development and manufacturing partner I have ever worked with"

Cambus's Navigate™ program enabled us to trim months off of project timelines and helped bring our products to market significantly faster than any of their competitors.  I highly recommend involving them from the earliest phases of your product development process and expect that whether working with their co-founders, highly skilled engineers, or customer service staff that you will be amazed by their superior technical support and dedication...”

Director of Materials, Medical Device OEM,  West Coast USA

"They [Cambus] have focused on process technology and automation, which is important because that is the path we are trying to get other suppliers onto as well …”

Senior Purchasing Manager, Market leading Medical OEM

"They have been fast and responsive, and they have responded positively to the problems we have run into. They don’t point fingers, and I think their ability to react positively to problems is a very big selling point for me …”

Managing Director, Medical Device OEM Australiasia

"They [Cambus] have a lot of connections in the market, and the reputation that Cambus has generated over the last couple years is very positive. They have established themselves as a highly technical supplier in quite a niche market”…

Managing Director Ireland-USA Medical device company


“I think they have been successful because of their flexibility, their customer service and in some areas they are more competitive in price as well. Flexibility and quality were the two main capabilities that allowed them to get in the door …”

VP of Medical Technologies, USA