Navigate®, is Cambus Medical’s newest initiative in driving innovation and speed through our customers’ design process. Our team of professional medical device engineers have a proven track record in charting the course of new product development through the most testing and extreme conditions. 

We invite you to explore this technology and the expertise housed in our Navigate® centre to support and accelerate your next product launch. 

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The Navigate® Programme is supported with dedicated manufacturing & test equipment. The team consists of professional medical device engineers across several disciplines with the skills and experience to support our customers’ R&D teams from new product concept through to product launch with the aim of an effective delivery of project timelines resulting in more efficient product launches .

"Cambus's Navigate® program enabled us to trim months off of project timelines and helped bring our products to market significantly faster than any of their competitors. I highly recommend involving them from the earliest phases of your product development process and expect that whether working with their co-founders, highly skilled engineers, or customer service staff that you will be amazed by their superior technical support and dedication...” Director of Materials, Medical Device OEM, West Coast USA

Navigate® Project Life-Cycle

Idea Generation

We begin by ‘laying-out’ the ideas which have been explored. This evaluation is led by our CTO and often involves face to face meetings with our customers to gain a complete understanding of the project. Ideas that have failed are identified along with the reasons for their failure. Some ideas may be noted for their contribution to the project and retained for further investigation. 

Building on the advances already made, our team begins the process of developing new ideas. Drawing on their extensive experience in the field of medical engineering our team will develop credible alternatives. Working closely with our customers through this research and testing phase we ensure there is a good flow of information in both directions. The protection of our customers’ intellectual property is a high priority and we endeavour at all times to steer away from areas of sensitivity. 

Concept Testing

Ideas will be assessed on their merits and potential to be developed through each of the following stages right through to launch. Prototypes may be produced here to test basic functionality for some deliverables. We encourage our customers to visit our plant at this point so that they can be on hand to make minor adjustments to the concept ideas. This is normally carried out in a day with the support of our Navigate® team.

Prototype Development

Following rigorous testing we may end up with a few ideas which are now moving towards becoming designs. At this stage we bring in the operations team to assist with the manufacturability of the products. Their engagement at an early stage ensures that there will be a smooth transition to manufacturing later. All equipment used at this point is mirrored in production so that validations will be able to rely on data captured at the prototype stage.

Design for Manufacture

Operations are involved at an early stage to ensure we design a solution that can be made efficiently and effectively. Our Navigate® team have all worked in operations and understand what can and cannot be done. 

A simple philosophy is used “to generate the best possible methods in the least overall time.” This stage may be cyclical and some compromises may be necessary as we work with you to develop the best cost effective solutions.


Once the method of manufacture has been agreed, we continue the validation of the product through our processes. Our internal risk analysis and validation procedures will identify the areas of concern, these are addressed along with input at every stage from the customer.

The timeline here is shortened due to the earlier evaluative work. In addition; the equipment used has been previously validated and therefore much of the framework and risk analysis has been undertaken.


All steps in this process can be treated as stand-alone services or a complete project deliverable from the ‘Navigate® Team.’ The output from the previous steps can be a comprehensive report for a regulatory body right through to a completed assembly.

With unwavering commitment to both the project and our customers we steer a course through all challenges and strive to deliver results that exceed our customers expectations.

Other Services

  • Materials development
  • Project Management
  • Design for Manufacture & Assembly (DFMA)
  • Materials Analysis
  • Advanced Materials selection & development
  • Project Costing
  • Design Control Services
  • Failure Mode & Effect Analysis (FMEA)
  • Dedicated Manufacturing & Test Equipment
  • Rapid turnaround on Prototypes
  • Process Development & Validation
  • Biocompatibility testing

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